Gatsby-MDX + Netlify-CMS Starter

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About This Starter

Extended from the Gatsby starter, this starter aims to provide an example for using Gatsby-MDX with Netlify.


  • Swap page template based on CMS key, allowing editors to choose different page templates
  • Support CMS configurations that save markdown in frontmatter fields with an mdx-enabled markdown renderer component (with example)
  • Hide pages from being editable by the CMS
  • Extend Netlify CMS editor to support the insertion of a React component, allowing your editors to include things like buttons or testimonials
  • Swap default HTML elements in posts for React components, allowing for greater control
  • All the usual Gatsby + MDX stuffCheck out the Repo

Project Overview

Go through each of these directories to understand the project and extend from it.

  • src/cms - Utilities for working with FrontMatter which Netlify CMS depends on, example previews and example widget registration. This folder also includes a whitelist of components that will be included in the MDX render scope in cms-components.constants.js.
  • src/components - Components, mostly default with a few additions such as a call to action and a smart link.
  • src/core - Core components to render markdown, catch errors
  • src/page-templates - Templates for CMS pages and an entry template component that will be used to determine what template should be shown where. Look in particular at cms-entry.template.js
  • src/pages - Editor content. All CMS-created pages will live in the content directory. Other pages may be modified from the CMS, but cannot be created or deleted.
  • static/admin - CMS Editor configuration.

About Template Keys

The CMSTemplate component in conjunction with the hidden templateKey var controls which template will be used to render each content page. The CMSTemplate component will try to map the value of templateKey to a component, and fall back to a default if nothing is found. Please see the component for more details.

Frontmatter & Markdown

Due to the way Netlify CMS works, some CMS content is saved as Markdown frontmatter rather than actual markdown. Therefore, fields with a markdown editor will save a raw markdown string. It is up to our templates to correctly parse markdown. For this, we have the core component <RenderMarkdown> which will parse MDX upon receiving an MDX string and include supplied React components as appropriate. Under the hood, this uses @mdx/runtime so please look there fore configuration details.